Sunday, January 31, 2016

Time to Work Out...

A New Year, a new sample, #Target #TryDry Spray VoxBox yup, a Influenster freebie sample of a his and hers Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant.

Well timed as I've been trying to get some fitness back from being a bit slack in the winter months and have hit the bike rollers and boy, does that make you sweat.

So the product, it's a dry spray antiperspirant and that's a plus as it does work as the name suggests. It's also supposed to work for 48 hours.

That's just a weird concept to me. Who goes on a work out and doesn't have a shower by the end of the day? Sure, you'll have lovely smelling armpits but it's some what defeated if the rest of you still smells of a tramps foot.

As it happens, the claim of 48 hours is far from accurate. After about 20 mins on the bike rollers, I'm sweating like over stuffed pig in a sauna and I my pits smell like that tramps foot, in a heatwave, after a marathon.

The men's scent is pretty much of nothing, so it's not to bad even if it isn't very effective. The ladies sample, is cucumber. Because everyone wants to smell like a vegetable, said no one ever.

That said, it's not terrible, it does smell some what like a cucumber but again, equally not very effective.

In the $5.50 range at Target, I don't think I would get this again as a pit stick works so much better but if you're not really working out and only pretending to get an aerobic work out, this will probably do and it really does spray on dry without any white dust over your clothes so it isn't all bad!