Monday, August 30, 2010

Boston Game Loop 2010

The Boston Game Loop that happened over the weekend.

Great local event that was well tended, with many local developers, but also with quite a few well travelled companies.


Images showing proposed topics of discussion on the fly at the event, photo by Boston Innovation. More photos of the event here.

A couple of good write ups of the event that are worth reading can be found by, Cruise Elroy here and by Boston Innovation here.

A good over view of the event and discussion about it as well as improvements can be found on Rob Zacny's blog here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Boston Game Jam

The Games Jam, with the immigration theme:

One of the entries for this years Boston Game Jam -

Another game you can try by Philip Tan "What's my Name?".
For a good write up of the event, you should read the blog by David Bolton, here.

Jeff On Games, has a nice Post Mortem of the event here too.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boston August Event Line up

Starting out with the Boston Post Mortem - 10th Aug, 7-10pm at the usual venue, the Skellig in Waltham.

The speaker this month, Terrence Masson, who will be giving a SIGGRAPH roundup.

Boston Game Jam
- 21-22 Aug at the MIT site in Cambridge MA.

The theme for this event is about "Immigration" It should be a fun and light hearted event and a chance to mingle with other devs in the area.

Boston Game Loop - 28th Aug 9am start with conferences kicking off at 11am till the end of the day, held at the MS NERD building in Cambridge, MA $40 donation.

Scott of MacGuffin Games has more info here.

Boston Unity Group - BUG - 31st Aug 7-pm at the MS NERD Centre, Cambridge MA.

This is a great event and networking opportunity for game devs and for anyone who uses or is interesting in using and learning more about Unity. The prior event, which was the first, had people from many different backgrounds using the game engine for none game uses, so was very interesting to see people show off their projects.