Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby Travel Tips

Just a couple of things I've found to have made life easier, so much so. Get a good nappy/diaper bag.

You'll probably be given a few freebies from all the free formula samples that you get sent, those are great for loading up with baby clothes, blanket and creams. The bag then weighs a bundle. Keep it in the car, you'll need it.

What you'll need more though, just a small one that can be thrown in a purse, or on the handle of the pushchair. A small bag that holds a few wipes, nappies and changing sheet. You'll end up using this far more for those every day short trips to the grocery store etc where you don't want to carry a big heavy bag over your shoulder.

Also the changing sheet is great on the changing table if the table pad doesn't come with a material cover, the plastic sheeting is really nasty feeling on the baby and the baby doesn't half slip and slide. Ideally you would have taken those pee sheets from the hospital because those are superb to use.

Car mirror for the back seat. I use quite a small one so I can see the baby in the mirror, it works a treat with a suction cup to hold it in place. I've tried a large Eddie Bauer one, that sucked, because it had a cord that goes through the seat to lock it in place, but it didn't hold the mirror very well. Other large ones I found to be too intrusive, blocking the rear view, but those might work better in a bigger car like a family van thing.

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