Thursday, February 12, 2009

IGDA - Board Elections

The 2009 election for Board of Directors is finally open to IGDA members.

If your a member, it's worth voting for someone who shares your views or will do something you believe in.

The list of nominations are quite large and there's a lot of information to shift though.

My criteria, someone who is in the industry rather than out of the industry, who is able to try and improve what the IGDA stands for and what they hope to accomplice and make it have more impact for people in the industry with less student focus. I also would like someone who isn't based in America to help give the board a little more balance and a view from aboard. Not having a stupid photo is a bonus, this is supposed to be serious after all and you are supposed to be representing and helping the industry.

Adam Martin would be my first choice

Gordon Bellamy a second choice

Jared Eden a third choice

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