Monday, June 22, 2009

Logitech MX Revolution Mouse Review

Well after years of service, my old MX1000 Logitech finally died.

The replacement, a MX Revolution.

At $100, it is pricey, but figuring how much time spent on the computer it was money well worth spending.

The construction is very good, the mouse looks nice, has a good weight to it and feels nice. The ergonomics make it very comfy in the hand and the buttons are right there at your finger tips as well as having a nice feed back when you press them.

One of the unique selling points was the fast scrolling wheel which does feel a little surreal but quickly becomes appreciated. It allows you to free scroll at speed for those long documents but intuitively applies a break that slows the wheel down for that click, click type of scroll depending on the application. So far this has worked really well.

The mouse software does allow you to customise the mouse well and one recommendation was using the thumb rocker button as a volume control instead of the default of scrolling back and forth between apps, which is currently what I have left it at. The downside to the software, which you do need to install other wise the middle mouse button click doesn't work, is that it is 58mb and took me a half hour to install, seriously, wtf?

The battery life is very good and the charger is nice and small, certainly compared to the old mouse and more importantly, it doesn't need to be plugged into the back of the computer as there is a small usb receiver for the wireless aspect. This works fabulously well, I was able to use the mouse across the room with out any problems. There also isn't a need to select a channel, search for the mouse or anything that potentially was a hassle with my old mouse, just plugged it in and it worked.

To summerise, this is a great mouse for someone who sits at a computer a lot, very easy to use and set up but the software install really needs to be streamlined and you better be right handed.

Because of that, I'll give it 4/5


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Anonymous said...

I recently bought a new iMac and got a Magic Mouse with it.....well, lots of reasons, but I didn't like it.
Ergonomically, it just wasn't compatible for me.
After hearing about how "ergonomic" the Logitech MX Revolution was, I didn't hesitate. I bought one!.......and three days later, I sold it on eBay.
Don't get me wrong, it has some lovely features. And worked great on my iMac (Snow Leopard). I did love the many buttons, that were completely configurable. And the extremely smooth scrolling wheel is very nice.
(I really wanted to love it !!!)

But I just couldn't ignore the pain in my wrist.
As soon as I started using it, my wrist started to hurt badly. For me, because my hand was not resting flat, but arched quite high (the MX Revolution has a high shape) my wrist was never comfortable. I tried putting my hand in many positions. Like I said, I wanted to love it. Nothing worked for me on the comfort level.

So unfortunately, it went back on eBay. I just purchased a new Wacom Intuos4 and wow.....I'm never going back to a mouse again.