Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GIGABYTE Radeon HD 4670 Review

I was looking to replace my old ATI 2400HD card, criteria was something cheap, a big improvement, which wouldn't have been hard and preference to not requiring a new PSU.

The card I got was the Gigabyte Radeon HD 4670 512MB GDDR3 from New Egg.

It's certainly not the most sexiest of graphics cards, but it hit all the points I was looking for for under $50, can't complain about that.

Some rambling thoughts about the card, starting with the good points-

Price, can't beat the value for money
Spec, great features, could have done with more memory compared to other cards but it has gddr3 which can't be sniffed at either
Size, it's a fairly small card and only takes up one slot unlike many, but barely
Power consumption, it really does run well on a 300/350W supply, without needed an extra power connection
Sound, it's very quiet, marginal increase to the old one but hardly noticeable really

Cons about the card-

Would be nice if the fan was idle until it was needed, would make it silent during regular use
Box content, I've seen OEM packages include more this, no cables, screws, connection converters or anything, not that I needed them
Manual is a bit generic and rubbish and the drivers on the CD are a little out of date
Connections, HDMI is a little close to the DVI socket so could be a problem for some

Over all, this is a great little card, nice Windows Review increase by a couple of points, games certainly look a lot more impressive and very easy to install and get going and it's CrossfireX ready for those who want to join up a couple of cards though you'll need to get your own bridge connectors.

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