Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eating Out at The Cheese Cake Factory

Seems like the Cheese Cake Factory at least locally has changed a little to become a lot more child friendly.

Recently they have added more high seats for little kids, which is great, but there still seems to be a lack or limited amount of booster seats.

Family with little kids are also places in booths or tables with a lot more room now, which is nice, that certainly wasn't the case before, where you would be kept on tables with very little room.

The menu, they also now have a proper kids menu, which also has had some revisions to the meals on offer, not exactly the cheapest kids meals, but quite a good selection and the food does seem to be freshly made such as the macaroni and cheese, which unlike many other places at least doesn't come out of a Kraft box.

Not being able to make reservations though and having long wait times in the evening can be a bit of a chore, as does no crayons or anything on offer for little kids.

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