Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2 Year Baby Check up

So a little while back we had the 2 year health check up on our little one. This trip was much the same as previous ones.

She was weighed, but this time on a proper scale rather than the basket style as she was able to stand still long enough. Her length and circumference of her head were also measured.

The doctor checked her eyes, ears and prodded all her limbs and organs as usual and checked her walking by having her walk along the corridor towards us.

The questions were much the same as usual, how much milk is she drinking, what kind of foods is she eating and liking, how is she doing with her words and how many two or more word sentences can she speak. How well does she feed herself and is she showing signs of using the potty and other gross motor skills.

As for the jabs, she had another Hep A shot and another booster jab because there was a change up in that kind of booster.

All is well and she was booked for another visit in six months and again for her third birthday.

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