Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting things ready...

It's been a few weeks since we had a baby shower, which is a weird thing, especially for the guys, well I wasn't invited anyway, but we got some swag, not much of the important big things, but handy little things.

I've spent the last few weekends putting things together so it won't be totally over whelming having to do it at once. The pushchair, that wasn't that bad, still need to send off the registration for the car seat attachment so we can find out about any re-calls and the like, and still need to figure out how the base bit attaches to the car and find the car manual to figure out the latch system, but that's another weekends project.

Boppy seat thingy, that's great, also not that hard to put together and supposedly hours of fun, I'm not so sure about that myself and it takes loads of batteries, which are a pain in the arse to put in.

Got the baby changing station put together too, that was interesting. I don't get why expensive furniture needs to be assembled, requires screws and still gets a crap manual. Anyway, that's done, so we've got some place to put the baby clothes, which we've been washing in small batches over the last few weeks.

The cot is next weeks task, and that should clear out the hall way that is filled with boxes of various bits and pieces. The recycle man is going to love us this week, shame it only gets picked up once a fortnight.

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