Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baby Portrait Photos

Well it's that time of year to get the family photo's done, even though a little early, we've got presents to get ready to send out if we don't want to pay stupidly expensive shipping costs.

All I can say, good job too, because there's a two week wait from when you get the photo's to when you can pick them up, with JC Penny's photo service at least.

There are many places that offer the service, the price seems to be pretty much the same, Sears, Babies R Us, Target etc.

The best advice, look for a coupon in the weekly papers or coupon mail spam because it's the one coupon that is so worth it.

Without the coupon, there's a $20 sitting fee per person which is waived, you also get a 8x10 print free. The handful of different print sizes and amounts we wanted with the coupon came to $36. Without the coupon this basic service would have come to $85 and had we wanted the "premium" service, which just adds a vignette filter to the image and you can centre or zoom into the photos, the price would have been $145. The holiday style borders or collages of photos' and cards etc would all have been additional prices.

Looking into the prices, pretty much all the major players offer a similar deal and price range, it just comes down to which ever place you have a coupon for and which is more convenient for you to use.

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