Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting your own Business Cards

Pretty pretentious I know, but when networking, it's pretty handy to have, especially in this economic climate where job security isn't all that stable and you might not want to be using your work cards for personal use whilst job hunting.

There are loads of places that offer the service, but I recently used VistaPrint and I was impressed with the service, the standard slow service where they say would take 21 days took less than a week. The quality of the cards were nice and they offer good deals. To get the best deal though, sign up an account as you'll an email with a better deal, then when you create your card, it'll keep the design. You can use your own logo and design, or use a template or create your own with their own creator.


adam said...


Use http://moo.com

NB: I'm totally biased - I think Richard et al are brilliant.

But the cards are Teh Oarsum too...

Meh said...

True...nice looking stuff, but in the UK...I was looking for something quick and easy in the US :)