Monday, November 3, 2014

Smiley360 Tazo Chai Taster

Having been sent a few free samples to try from Smiley360, I dived right in on the least appealing flavour of the trio which was caramel vanilla.

It did smell okay but it really tasted vile. Didn't have the nice spicy undertones and warm feeling that a chai tea should have.

I've had the second sample, which is the chocolate flavoured one and this is much nicer. Has a real chai taste with the spices about it with a nice hint of chocolate that isn't to over powering.

The last sample was "Classic". I found the classic chai flavour to be the nicest.

It just seems to work well both as a hot tea but also lovely as a chilled drink, that even the kids liked when served with a good shot of milk.
One thing that I consistently liked about the Tazo teabags is the quality of the bags and the ease of using them. The packets of tea leep the teabags nice and fresh, open easily with a rip along the top and the string/paper tag is nice and long to fit in your travel mug nicely and not fall it and the paper bit doesn't disintegrate like so many other brands do.
Worth a punt, especially the organic, classic.

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